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    Available Virtual Memory


       I have one questions (i tried to think of three, but couldn't get there)

       The available virtual memory bar chart says that I have 33.18%.

       What is the app reading to get this magical number?

      Here's the reasoning behind my question, I look at my exchange server and the perfmon says that I'm using 35% (% peak) of the virtual memory.  Now my maths isn't that good, but I do know that 35 and 33 don't make 100.


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           Where are you seeing the 33.18% number?  Can you post a screenshot?  I want to make sure i'm telling you the right answer.

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              I think I can answer about that as I experience a similar issue with SolarWinds.

              The fact is that for some unknown reason, SolarWinds traks the available PHYSICAL memory and claims to display VIRTUAL memory.

              For instance on my monitored server, I have 100MB physical memory available over 2GB total and SolarWinds displays 5% available virtual memory, which is wrong obviously.

              I don't know how to fix that bug and I would be glad to know.

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                  mmm, that is interesting....

                  Sorry about not getting back with the image of what I mean, been really busy lately.

                  The issue I have is just that, the Virtual Memory chart/graph shows a percentage and this does not relate to our exchanges virtual memory.

                  I'll sort out the image... if I get a moment


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                  How do you attach an image?