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    Change Smart Grouping Subnet


      We have renumbered a few of our network segments from 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x to 172.20.201.x and 172.20.202.x. We didn't have to change anything in IPmonitor as we are using the FQDN and DNS is correctly updated.

       All the monitors are working correctly when reaching the monitor via tthe new IP, but now the smart grouping by subnet is incorrect. I have run a discover on the new range but I can't get the current monitors to move from the old subnet to the new subnet.


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          Good day pgordemer,

          The subnet groups will provide the list of Devices which have an IP that falls within the specified IP range.  Keep in mind that if the IP of the system changes, the IP within the Device's Properties must be updated.  In order to accomplish this, simply go to "Devices -> All Managed Devices", select the Device in question and click "Edit -> Properties".  Change the "Primary IP" value as needed.  In order to change multiple Devices, you can also click "Discovery -> Previous Scan Results", select the Devices you wish to update and click "Rescan".

          Hope this helps.


          Chris Foley