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    Batch renaming

      I am looking for a method to rename nodes to their system name. Currently the node name is incorrect and the system name is correct. I understand that opening that Node in System Manager, Deleting out the Node Name at top of screen and pressing APPLY. This will Update the Device Name with the SYSTEM Name. This seems very manual for something that is contained in a SQL DB.

      Is there not a way to script an SQL statement to copy one field to another?

      Tango Mike

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          sure assuming you have rights in the DB, for Nodes ->

          UPDATE Nodes
          SET <column_destination> = <column_source>

          <> sections get changed with column names (i.e. I have a custom column called HostName - SET HostName=SysName)
          I personally always test with a single line when dealing with this.  It is always also a good idea to stop polling engines when dealing with DB stuff. 
          It is also ALWAYS good to do a DB backup before messing with a DB.
          to test a line - add to the above:

          WHERE NodeID=1

           change 1 into a NodeID that you are comfortable testing with.

          Hope that helps

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            I have tried updating this manually (I only have a couple of devices I need to change) and it doesnt work.

            I have deleted the nodename out and clicked Apply Changes, and it then sits on "Communicating to 10.x.x.x ..." and it just sits there..

             Any ideas?

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              Is there a way to do this without SQL?  I know Cirrus Configuration Manager auto pulls the ${SysName} so that it can be updated automatically.  I work at a company with hundreds of nodes and it seems ridiculous that you have to change Node Name manually.