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    Use time of day and day of week in alert suppression


      I would like to be able to suppress some of my alerts (interface utilization alerts in particular) for multiple time ranges per day.  If time comparisons could be used as suppression conditions I could specify the time along with the node name so I don’t get alerts during periods of known high utilization.  I know I can set day and time for when the alert should be processed, but I have 3 time periods on 3 routers that I would like to suppress alerts on and currently this requires multiple alerts to simply not alert during that time window on that node.


      R1, R2, and R3 are connected via full-mesh serial links..  During the day I have data replication occurring at three scheduled intervals.  I would like to have a single alert that is active 24/7 with multiple condition groups:

      IF (NodeName=R1) AND (
      (TimeOfDay >= 10:00am AND TimeOfDay <= 10:30am) OR
      (TimeOfDay >= 2:00pm AND TimeOfDay <= 2:30pm) OR
      (TimeOfDay >= 6:00pm AND TimeOfDay <= 6:30pm)

      and so on for the other nodes/times.