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    SNMP traps from Application ?


      I have an application that is capable of sending SNMP traps. Can I send those traps to Orion Trap Service or am I limited to getting traps only from box the application is running on?


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           Anything can send traps to Orion, though I think Orion has to "know" about the node via snmp.  Ensure the community strings are correct.
          look at SolarWinds Orion -> Trap Viewer to see what traps the Orion box is getting in.  You also must enable the Microsoft "SNMP Trap service" service as Orion uses this service to receive traps.

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             The Orion trap receiver will accept traps from any system by default, unless you have locked it down to specific IP ranges or addresses (most people don't). Simply configure the address of the Orion server in your application, and you can use the trap viewer to customize alerts and other rules, if you wish.