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    UnDP Node Grouping

       I need help with the Orion Web Console. When adding nodes using the Manage Nodes feature in the Web Console I use to see my Custom Properties drop down under the Change Properties tab. That feature has disappeared and I really need it back. Is anyone seeing this problem? Is there a solution?


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          mark wiggans

          Open up the Custom Property Editor and make sure your yes/no properties all have a value set.  Once that's done, try reopening the UnDP.

          If that doesn't clear up the issue, I'd open a support ticket.
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              I had been having a similar issue, so I deleted the Custom Property in the editor (which was formatted as "Help_Desk") and replaced it with a Yes/No Property called "HelpDesk" (no underscore). I then went to Manage Nodes on the website, selected a node, and clicked on Edit Properties. The new custom property was indeed in the drop down menu, and I was able to select it and change True to False.

              Perhaps the issue was the formatting of the first custom property?

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                   I opened a ticket up and this worked for me:

                  1. Open your Custom Property editor
                  2. Right Click any blank space on the menu bar, you will get a Toolbar/Customize pop-up
                  3. Select 'Customize' & go to the 'Commands' tab
                  4. For categories select 'Properties' & under 'Commands' Highlight 'Update Report Schemas'
                  5. Drag & drop the 'Update report schemas' to the Menu bar
                  6. Click the new icon that appears, you should get a message 'Custom Properties have been added to all Report schemas'

                  Now refresh you website & see if the custom properties show up. If they still don't please run a repair on orion, apply SP2 & re-run the configuration wizard.