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    Orion v9 and AMv8


       Searching Thwack and browsing Solarwinds web site, but I'm still not sure. Is older Application Monitor module (AMv8) compatible with Orion v9?

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          mark wiggans

          Here are the compatible components to V9-

          Orion ComponentVersion
          Application Performance Monitor1.0
          NetFlow Traffic Analyzer3.0
          VoIP Monitor2.0
          Wireless Monitor8.5
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              So I better uninstall the AMv8 before I upgrade Orion NPM from version 8.5.1 to v9?

              What would happen, if I try to upgrade with AM installed?

              • Orion NMPv9 won't even install?
              • The installation will crash or Orion NPM will not work after installation?
              • Orion NPM v9 will work, but you cannot support it?
              Enough questions for such a short message. ;-)