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    Adding a SUN Solaris 8 to Orion 9


      I am new to the forum.

      I have searched, but maybe my skills are not there yet to find what I am looking for.

      I want to monitor memory, CPU, disk usage, etc...on a Sun Solaris 8 server.

      I have found some things, but it looked like older Orion releases.

      I have the newest 9.0 release, but when I add it, it only shows port statistics and such.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

      I would really appreciate it.  :)

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          You should be able to get CPU, Memory, and disk via basic SNMP monitoring.  If you go to web node management and look at the Solaris server, have you added the CPU, memory, and disk?  If so, they should be monitored by default.
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              It just shows the interface stats.

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                  mark wiggans

                  Without an SNMP Agent that provides access to the Host-Resource-Mibs, all you will see is the Interface and some In/Out Traffic stats.

                  Which net-snmp version do you have on the Solaris boxes? I believe the version that has reported the most success is 5.4.1. Unfortunately there is little documentation at  http://www.net-snmp.org/  that shows configuration.

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                      I have 5.4.1.


                      You are right.  Not much to go on that I can find.


                      Do I need to install GCC first?

                      Been reading up on it, and I do not think I have it, nor how to install it.

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                          The README.Solaris file is pretty helpful in setting net-snmp up on Solaris 8. For standard polling (disk, memory, cpu, ethernet) all you need to do is follow the instructions on compiling from source (./configure --some-options, make, make install) and then run the snmpconf program to configure a readonly community. My snmpd.conf file literally only consists of my readonly community string and the allowed hosts.

                           We have a bunch of older Solaris 8 machines we need to monitor and I found it easier to leave the Sun snmp agent  enabled and make net-snmp run on port 163 instead of making net-snmp a sub agent. When you add the node in SW it gives you the disk, memory, cpu and network interfaces by default.

                           I have had problems with SW trying to poll old deprecated SNMP values instead of the newer ones for CPU and RAM in net-snmp but I haven't seen a big push for SW to fix it even though it seems to be a popular issue.