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    WEB Node management issues



      The most wanted new function in 9 was Node Management on web. We fought over the rdp-sessions to manage nodes. But I find it a bit useless.

      To add new nodes works fine, but not edit. The Ajax list with nodes is extremly slow, it takes one page for each scroll. I have a grouped by vendor-list of 700 nodes. To get to the last one in the list takes 10 minutes of scrolling.

      It is not possible to search for nodes in Manage Nodes. This means we are still fighting over rdp-sessions.

      I would like the scroll to be fixed(or is this a problem only on my server?), possible to search for nodes in node Management. And most important - possible to go to node-edit directly from the node-view, if you have the rights.

      Any chance for this in a SP?