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    Procurve 3500+Bandwidth guage=fail?


      Anyone else having issues with the accuracy of the bandwidth guage and HP gig switches?

      We used to have a layer 2 Procurve 2600 switch in our colo rack that connects our branch offices to our HQ network. for months it ran great. Orion was tracking bandwdth perfectly, the engineer toolset bandwidth guage worked great, and all was right with the world.

      In anticipation of upgrading to BGP and dynamic routing, we replaced the 2600 switch with a 3500yl.

      Now Orion still tracks bandwith usage accurately, however the engineer tool shows outrageously low usage. For instance at one point in time Orion was accurately showing the 3mb MPLS average utilization at 74%(2.2mb) while the engineer tool never breaks the 400k mark for the traffic reports in that same time frame.  

       As far as I can tell the tool is still accurate on my other devices such as my cisco routers, however it just doesnt seem to play nice with this one particular switch.