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    RTNFA for Dell PowerConnect 5324 & 3487 with MIBs

      SolarWinds Support, I was able to get Real-Time NetFlow Analyzer to see our Dell PowerConnect 5324 & 3487 switches.  I couldn’t use the Configurator to add them to the Analyzer.  I kept getting “NetFlow is not detected on the selected interface.  Please select another or configure the interface to send Netflow data to the host.  NetFlow Realtime is running on.   I had to go in to the Tools/Add NetFlow Device.  Now, Analyzer is seeing the In and Out flow of the ports on the switches but no port numbers.  They all just say Ethernet Interface. I read through the documentation in the Help file for Analyzer and tried to choose one of the Ethernet Interfaces listed and hit Start Flow Capture.  I got the message: A connection could not be made to the specific device.  Ensure you have network access to the device and the credentials are correct. The TEST button on the Analyzer-Add did respond back “Credentials test passed”.

      Before manually entering the switch info (Tools/Add NetFlow Device) I talked with Dell a few times.  Once to set up the SNMP Community String “public” with Read-Write pointing it to the NetFlow PC.  And also for the PowerConnect ability to provide CFlow, SFlow or JFlow data.

      They wouldn’t admit anything about the CFlow, SFlow or JFlow ability, but they did say that I would need it install their MIBs files on the PC that I am running Analyzer on.  I downloaded the MIBs file and unzipped them.   They had a bunch of .mib files and a .asn file & a .smi file. 

      Do you know how to use these MIBs files?  Can you tell me how to install them?

      And can you tell me what else I need to do next in Analyzer?