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    Mass editing of thresholds


      Is there a way to edit the thresholds of all devices at once?

      For instance, if I want to set the free memory to 10% or change the ping test duration to 120 seconds on all devices rather than having to go into each device?

        • Re: Mass editing of thresholds

          Yes, you can go to the "Devices" tab the select down arrow on the "Edit" button then "Mass Edit" then select "monitor properties".

          Here you will be able to make filter rules that will bring up which monitors you want to edit and replace existing rules with the new rules you would like.

           Example: All my MEMORY monitors have the word MEMORY in the Display Name line so for the rule i would - Add monitors where property DIsplay Name matches regular expression: MEMORY. This would bring up all the Memory monitors for all devices in my senario and then i could change the Rules that i want to that apply to those monitors.