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    Orion NPM 8.5.1 | Can't receive SNMP Traps?


      Hi there,

       I'm running Orion NPM 8.5.1 SP3 on Windows SP3, and would like to configure it to receive SNMP traps. I've been reading some of the other posts which have some great tips, but I'm still having no joy.

      I've configured the Windows SNMP Trap service to start automatically, and it's currently started. The logon option is set to 'Log on as: This account - NT AUTHORITY\LocalService.

      The SNMP Service is also set to start automatically and is currently started. The Log On Tab is configured to 'Log On As: Local system account' (which is different from the SNMP Trap Service...). Under the Security tab, I've specified a community (Read Only) that's also configured identically on the node sending traps). It's also configured to accept SNMP packets from any host at the moment.

      I've verified in the Orion Service Manager that the Solarwinds Trap Service is running. I've also tried repairing/re-installing this service using the Config Wizard.

      I've run the Orion Port scanner to see if port 162 is in use, but I think the Orion Port Scanner is only a TCP port scanner, so won't tell me what I need to know about UDP/162 for SNMPTraps. (correct me if I'm wrong..)

      I also ran a Microsoft PortQryV2, and realised that mu installation of Kiwi Syslog Daemon was listening on UDP/162 to receive SNMP Traps, so I've disabled this. I ran the PortQryV2 once again and saw that that the port is no longer in use by Kiwi Syslog Daemon.

      I've added the Trap menu to my Web Console (http://<hostname>/NetPerfMon/Traps.asp but see nothing displayed here, nor anything in the Trap Receiver or Viewer.

      I'm going a bit bonkers.

       I've configured a test Cisco switch with:

      snmp-server enable traps (this should send all trap types)

      snmp-server host <IP A.B.C.D.> trap <community>

      then I tried to generate some traps, by shutting/no shutting interfaces, and changing interface descriptions, but no dice...

      Can any one help?





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          first thing, make sure the SNMP TRAP service has total access to UDP port 162.

          to verify this on your Windows server type in NETSTAT -ANO

          you should see from that list if UDP 162 is available and also see which Process ID (hopefully snmptrap.exe) has it…you definately want SNMPTRAP.EXE to have it and nothing else.

          Verify the PID in your Windows Task Manager. The number seen here, 5788, is my process ID and it is SNMPTRAP.EXE.

          UDP            *:*                                    2360

          UDP            *:*                                    5788

          UDP            *:*                                    4