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    Sound alert until not acknowledge

      One thing that does not allow me to shut down my Whatsup Gold and use only NPM is the alerting mechanism of Whatsups.

      The monitoring team needs that the sound alert should not go off until they acknowledge the alert. Like it happens in WUG.

      This feature give them a flexibility to leave the monitoring seat for a while and not keep on watching the NPM site for alerts.

      NPM sound alerts runs only once for 1 alarm. So if you missed the first sound of the alarm you missed the alert.

      Can there be an acknowledge method attached to each sound alert.

      I know the alerts can be acknowledge but even if they are not acknowledge in NPM the sound goes off. This is where WUG is more comfortable cause i can configure it to

      Alert when a node goes down,
      Alert if the node is down for more than 5 mins
      Alert if a node is down for more than 30 mins.

      Every time the engineer has to acknowledge it. So no alert is missed.

       NPM has this feature only in case the HS failover is detected. This feature should be optional for all kind of alerts. Specially node and interface state change.