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    Disk Space Monitors use snmpdf

      If you use IPM to create monitors for a Linux machine, it uses snmpdf to enumerate drive space.

      This approach is that it does not distinguish a local mount from a remote mount.

      The problem arrises when we want to dismount the remote mount on the machine.  The snmp monitor causes the dismount to hang because it is basically "still using the remote resource"  The dismount never completes....it hangs.

      If IPM could use a snmpdf-h, that would solve the problem, or, is there an easy way to convert the monitors from a disk space monitor to a custom OID?

      I really do not want to create a bunch of disk space monitors by hand, one at a time, typing in the OID.  It would be really nice if their were a way to quickly convert the existing monitors, maybe by exporting the xml and manipulating it?

      Have any suggestions here?