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    Transmit & Receive Traffic by Application

      Is there a way to break up Netflow application data by transmit and receive for a specific interface? I want to see the DSCP values of the traffic transmitted out of a certain interface. Or the breakdown by application that's coming in a certain interface.

      All of the charts that are included seem to lump receivers and transmitters together, regardless of what "side" of the interface they're on. So the "Top XX Receivers" can show traffic coming into the interface for a certain IP and out of the interface for another IP in the same graph. Any way to break that up?

      This is very important for the kind of weekly reports that I run for the boss. I need to be able to tell him "Site X received XXMb of traffic with the top 3 applications being A, B and C. This is a change from last week where D was the top used application." Is there an easy way to do this that I'm overlooking?

      Anyone have any ideas? Thanks 

      ---John Holmes...