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    Templates for Alert Email Messages


      It would be nice to have the ability to create templates for the email messages sent for alerts.  We have lots of different alerts setup for different regions and the alerts go to different techs.  The messages on the alerts are the same.  If we decide to add information or make a change, we have to go in and edit the message for all the different alert groups.  If there was a common template we could create and use, we could just update the template and any alert using this template would get updated. 


      We have Server Alerts that notify techs when a server goes down.  We started with basic information that included node, status, and some custom properties with information about the device.  We later added more custom properties with the device serial number, vendor phone number, etc and wanted to add them to the alerts.  Instead of having to update each alert, we would like to be able to update a common template.

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            matt francis

            Perhaps this is a different suggestion altogether, but I too would like a good template to begin with ... I'm very new to SolarWinds, and this is one place where the learning curve gets steep.  I was completely disheartened to learn that I needed to discover the variables to create even a basic alert ${alert} on ... (and I haven't figured the rest out yet--that's why I'm on the forum)

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                If you're starting out with Orion NPM, I'd recommend you skip the basic alerts entirely and start working with advanced alerts since that is the direction that Orion is headed. I forget which service pack they were first available but NPM 9.1 SP4 includes samples of advanced alerts as well.

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              To add to the discussion just a wee bit..

              Not only templates for the email notifications, but templates in general for things like.. SMTP server, list of recipients (i.e.: Alert Groups).  In all fairness, a very primitive manual "template" feature is available with the import/export functionality, along with the copy to alert reset button, but this is still all managed on an alert by alert basis.  I have probably 100 advanced alerts, and many more to follow.  My grouping functionality is almost completely based on the ability to create an advanced alert that targets (or does not target) a specific custom property.  While not bad, it's still very tedious.

              The way I have worked around this, is to create alerts that go to different distribution groups using SMTP aliases on my outbound SMTP server,
              this works in that I never have to change the destination email addresses manually in the alert groups ever again.  It works reasonably well now, so that's kind of low priority.  Being able to specify outbound SMTP server (and a backup in case the first one doesn't respond with "200 OK Message accepted for delivery.") is key to have on a global level.  Similar to how device credentials are handled in NCM, global and an override if necessary.

              An interface to the various SMS networks would also be a huge plus, but that's going off in a direction that would require considerably more development, still worthwhile if you're trying to get out network down notifications and the network is down, or outbound SMTP failure notifications but the outbound SMTP is down.

              The main method of workaround for the various grouping functionality is to use custom properties, which getmanually added to every node.  Not quite ideal, I'm still waiting for you guys to finish the back-end work enough that when we provision new nodes in the network, we can programatically add the node, the custom properties for the node, and a user account/password that has permissions based on a value in one of those custom properties.