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    Universal Device Poller - MegaRAID


      I have several servers with LSI MegaRAID controllers. I'd like to create a section on the Node Details page for these servers that indicates the status of the individual phsyical drives attached to the controllers. I've looked through the MIB that LSI provides and found the appropriate information. It's contained in a tabel called "physicaldriveTable" with an OID of (if I'm interpreting this correctly, it's all rather confusing). I can write a poller that will retrieve the "state" of an individual physical disk on a particular server. I'm wondering how I make it more generic so that I can collect information about all of the physical disks on any of my servers that have a MegaRAID adapter since the OIDs seem to change depending on the server and how many disks it contains.

       Can anyone offer any advice?