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    Error in Blackberry Browser

      When I try to access our ipMonitor interface from my Blackberry browser I get the following error:

      Warning: ipMonitor 9 has detected that this specific web browser window has been rendered incompatible with a session feature that protects you against silent web browser account and password switches.

      This can be caused by:
      • Malware / Spyware
      • Viewing ipMonitor within frames not adjusted for it
      • Two consecutive silent browser account and password switches
      • Two consecutive new windows using a shared session(ie: "Open link in a new Window / Tab" twice in a row)

      Any help for this?

        • Re: Error in Blackberry Browser

          Hello RGordon,

          The blackberry browser isn't supported by ipMonitor. ipMonitor went heavy on the JavaScript, where Orion is still fairly light. I think the "CentralStatus" SOAP example was to provide a lightweight web interface ... but the demand was pretty low (compared to other things) for continued development on it.

          Orion would be the clear winner.

          I use my 3G iPhone with ipMonitor ... so my advice is to use that excuse to get one (if you're into that sort of thing). :)