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    Problems with orion 9.0 alerts


       I have just set up Orion 9.0 and have some  problems related to  advanced alerts.

       I have defined a device poller that asks is fan operational using oids. I still have problems with an advanced alert.


      1. What is the correct formula when I give oid value in advanced alert ? Do I need to use brackets or any special signs around  my oid value?

      is my formula like   value x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x  equals to yy then correct?

      2. Am I able to see those alarms generated by advanced alert on my webpage or is sms/email.. only way to see them? I would like to see them on alerts view on network node summary view.

      3. Is it somehow possible to use advanced alert and connect it to the map view so that nodes could change their colours based on the advanced alert values retrived from the hosts?