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          mark wiggans

           After your NetFlow-enabled device and its interfaces have been added to Orion NPM, you must designate it for monitoring by Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.
          Note: When using NetFlow version 9 you must configure the template to include all fields utilized by NetFlow version 5.

          To add NetFlow devices and interfaces to NetFlow Traffic Analyzer:
          1. Log on to the Orion NPM server that hosts Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.
          2. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > NetFlow Traffic Analyzer > NetFlow Web Console.
          3. Log in to the NetFlow Web Console using a User ID with administrative privileges.
          Note: Initially, Admin is the default administrator User ID with a blank Password.
          4. Click Admin in the top menu bar.
          5. Click NTA Settings in the left pane menu.
          6. Click Settings.
          7. Click Edit under the NetFlow Sources heading.

          NetFlow Traffic Analyzer provides a NetFlow Sources resource in the NetFlow Traffic Analysis Summary view. Clicking Edit in the title bar of the NetFlow Sources resource allows you to access the Edit NetFlow Sources page directly from the NetFlow Traffic Analysis Summary view. If you have not enabled the NetFlow Traffic Analysis Summary view, including the NetFlow Source resource, as your default NetFlow Traffic Analysis Web Console view then you need to do this.

          Exporters only (last 15 minutes) is the default filter. This option shows all devices in your Orion database that have sent NetFlow data within the last 15 minutes. If you expect other devices to export NetFlow data in the future, you should select another option, as described in the following steps.
          8. If you want to select all available interfaces for monitoring, select All… from the Showing menu, check next to ROUTER and INTERFACE, and then click Submit.

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            NO DATA EXISTS


            Orion Website Error

            An error has occurred with the Orion website.

            Additional Information

            System.Exception: No data exists
            at SolarWinds.Netflow.DAL.AllNetflowSourcesEditDAL.GetData(String query, Int32 level)
            at SolarWinds.Netflow.DAL.AllNetflowSourcesEditDAL.GetVendors()
            at AllNetflowSourcesEdit.MainCheckbox_OnCheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e)
            at System.Web.UI.WebControls.CheckBox.OnCheckedChanged(EventArgs e)
            at System.Web.UI.WebControls.CheckBox.RaisePostDataChangedEvent()
            at System.Web.UI.WebControls.CheckBox.System.Web.UI.IPostBackDataHandler.RaisePostDataChangedEvent()
            at System.Web.UI.Page.RaiseChangedEvents()
            at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)
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                mark wiggans

                On the NTA home summary page - you should see an event in yellow stating that there is traffic coming in on an unmonitored device. (IP adress) This means you correctly configured the device.

                Is netflow coming in on the correct IP address? - the same IP address that Orion has configured? 

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                     this is the message that appear in my summary events of netflow traffic

                    NetFlow Receiver Service [VMWARESOC] is receiving a NetFlow data stream from an unmanaged interface on The NetFlow data stream will be discarded. Please use the Orion System Manager to add Interface #13 in order to process this NetFlow data stream.

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                        mark wiggans

                        Just add the device, NetFlow Settings> NetFlow Sources, edit> Select the Device and interface it is coming in from, wait 2 minutes, then it should be coming in...

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                            I again

                            continue to get the same erros, not appear devices

                            but now I get this message:

                             Service Start Failure Unable to register with SNMP Trap Service for SNMP Trap reception. Try to following to correct the problem: 1) Within the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components -> Management and Monitoring Tools, Verify the Simple Network Managment Protocol is installed. 2) Within the Services Control Manager, verify the SNMP Trap Service is not Disabled. 

                             already checked but  it is installed the Management and Monitoring Tools


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                                It's not enough to just have the device itself being monitored.  The interface on which you are collecting data - with the "ip flow ingress/egress" has to be a managed interface as well or you will get that error.

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                                    then What can i do?

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                                        I guess I'm not following your question entirely.  If all of the interfaces on which you are collecting NetFlow data are in NPM and you are continuing to get NEW instances of that error message, I would go into NPM and rediscover each of the Netflow enabled interfaces on the device it is complaining about.  I have had to do this in instances where we have modified an IP address on an interface etc.