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    Syslog content

      I've noticed that my syslog has been getting full of the same entries.  Can anyone make heads/tails on what I should do to remedy the message ? (see attached)


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          Here is what the Cisco web site has to say about this message.   If you do not want these messages added to
          the database then you should create a filter that discards these messages.
          Error Message    ILPOWER-5-IEEE-DISCONNECT: Interface [chars]: PD removed.

          Explanation    This message means that the powered device is no longer connected to the switch or that the connected powered device is being powered by an external AC power source. The switch is no longer providing power to the port. [chars] is the interface.

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            You can modify cisco switch configurations such that the inline power events are not logged on all or specific ports.

            Here's an example of how you would turn off this logging on a particular switch, for a range of ports.

            Example to turn off this particular logging event for range of ports on a single switch/stack

            (config)#int range gi1/0/1-48
            (config-if-range)#no logging event power-inline-status

            There are other events you can turn off for individual interfaces. To see complete list use ?

            (config-if)# no logging event ?