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    user access to a NOC view


      I need to set up user access to a NOC view I have created. The view will be a big map that posts to a 42 inch LCD screen. There will be 6 or 7 helpdesk personnel looking at it. Can all 6 people be logged into the same user acount at the same time on their PCs viewing the same view, or do I need to create separate user accounts? Should the PC that is connected to the LCD screen be logged in to the same user acount or does it need to have its own account too? Is this a Windows thing or an Orion thing?

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           My recommendation would be to create on Orion account for the NOC.  In that account, there's an option to set the web to never timeout, which is what you probably want for the NOC.

           Your 6 helpdesk folks can then either share an account (and log in simultaneously) or you can create separate accounts for each.