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    UnDP Table Discrepancy


       I'm trying to add vlan details for our switches using a poller, when I walk through the wizard and do a test it displays exactly what I want to see column 1 row i.d. (Interface) column 2 the VLAN associated with that interface, see screenshot.

      The problem is that when I get to select the labels selection Row ID is not available for selection so I have a choice of vlanportmodule (Module) or vlanport (Interface) but not both, just selecting vlanport is fine for our 2960's but is no good for our 3750 stacks and 6509's.

       How can I select Row ID as the first column? If not how else can this be done?

      I think in the test part of the wizard Solarwinds should show an accurate display of what you will see not something that you can't display. As it has proved confusing on what needs to be selected.