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    Customized alerts


      I would like to have information of the Interface when a node goes down.  I have setup an email alert for when the node goes down (Node Status) although within the email I would like to include information of the interfaces.  When I put in the interface variables it does not refelect within the email.

      Any way to include this information without creating a new alert? 

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          have you tried including ${FullName} for the interface?

          i have mine set up to trigger (INTERFACE) on Interface status and Node name.

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              I have mine to trigger on Node not interface.  (I have too many interfaces to go one by one and selecting them) .  I just need to add information of the interface on the email when the node goes down.

              Hope this clarifies. 

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                  Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible. (I'm assuming) it's by design that the variables that can be interpreted are restricted to the trigger "type" you've defined (i.e. Node, Interface, Volume, etc.).

                  Now that I think about it, what you could do is redefine the trigger type as Interface. Then just make sure the field names are still valid once you've changed the trigger type.