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    Displaying uptime on the Dashboard


      Here's an easy one.  Please add a device's system uptime to the Device Details dashboard web resource.

      Thanks - Simon

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          Can you define how you'd like uptime to be defined?   For example, would you base uptime on PING monitor availability or would you want the flexibility to choose some other monitor(s) on which to base device availability?

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              Hi Chris

              Sorry for not being clear.  I was actually meaning system uptime as in sysUpTime.

              Since the Device Details web resource already includes SNMP system values like name, description, location and contact, I was thinking that it should also display sysUpTime.  Admittedly it would have to be fetched in realtime unlike the other values which are presumably cached, but it would be a worthwhile addition.

              A product similar to ipMonitor (but not as good IMO) does it like in the attached screenshot.  If this feature were to end up in ipMonitor, I'm sure it would look much better.

              Rgds, Simon