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    Rough idea of upgrade time from 8.5 to 9

      Hi there,

       I am scheduling my Orion upgrade from version 8.5 to version 9.  The database is about 100GB in size.

       In rough terms - how long should I expect the  database upgrade portion to take?  (I know it will also depend on the systems, bandwidth, etc - just looking for an idea.)


      Other than the database, any best practices of items I should backup before starting?  (we have Orion SLX plus the additional web server and additional polling station)



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          It took us about an hour to upgrade our SLX installation - the SLX server and three pollers - with a remote MSSQL 2005 Enterprise Edition database. The only issue was a mixup with SolarWinds about having our licenses available.

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              The upgrade should not take long at all.  If it goes oever an hour, I would suspect something is wrong.  A few things to take note of that I ran into and would not want others to hit:

              Turn all alerts Off before upgrading.  The reason being, If an alert is active, and the services get stopped, when the services come back, they will issue all the email alerts again. 
              Example - we have dozens of video conferencing equipment that is mostly turned off.  Orion sent its Down alerts weeks ago.  If you stop the alert engine, then start it,.. it will fire off alerts for all down equipment again.

              Update the report schema after upgradeing if ANY of your reports rely on custmo  properties.  After upgrading to v9, the report writer was unable to filter on custom properties.   This was a DISASTER.  All our reports contained custom props and then non of them worked.  luckily it is about a 5 minute job to fix this, but NOWHERE is solarwinds documentation did I find anything about updating report schemas.  Im not even sure what that is. 
              Regardless,. I was able to search Thwack and found a thread called Report - Invalid filter.  In that thread, it is outlined the easy steps needed to update the schema. (whatever that is)

              Other than that, I would totally suggest upgrading to V9.  Make sur eyou grab SP 2 for it, as it made my UnDP load up WAAAAAAY faster than v9 or v9 SP1.

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              Completed my upgrade - and it certainly took more than an hour.  I learned something very important!  Before starting an upgrade make sure you have lots of free space on the SQL server as it (apparently) build a new table and copy the data into the new format.  Our database grew even larger and actually totally used up the disk space.


              Luckily we were able to recover by purging all of the netflow data (which we should have done first as we didn't care too much about the historical data) and shrink the database.  Once that was done it only took somewhere around 15 minutes or less to do the DB portion.


              For anyone really interested, all in all to upgrade every component, plus deal with the failed DB, it took about 6 hours from start to finish.  It probably would have taken half that time if I had purged and run a shrink before I started.