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    Solarwinds Trap Issue - Custom Trap Editor

      We recently upgraded to Orion V9.0 and once we did that our traps that were triggered in the Advanced Alerting module started to send as the nodes IP Address.  This function was working before.  

      This is my Trap Template which was working before the upgrade.  11307.10.3 is the Problem OID.        0    Time Ticks    SNMPv2-MIB:sysUpTime.0 = 0             OID               SNMPv2-MIB:snmpTrapEnterprise.0 = SolarWinds        OID                SNMPv2-MIB:snmpTrapOID.0 = SOLARWINDS-TRAPS        ${AlertMessage}             OID                SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:AlertMessage        ${NodeName}                 String             SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:NodeName = ${NodeName}        ${IP_Address}                IP Address      SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:NodeIP = ${IP_Address}        ${SysName}                   String             SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:NodeID = ${SysName}        ${ObjectType}                 String             SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:NetObjectName = ${ObjectType}        ${NetObjectID}                String             SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:NetObjectType = ${NetObjectID}        ${PropertyName}             String             SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:NetObjectID = ${PropertyName}        ${PropertyValue}             String             SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:Property = ${PropertyValue}        ${Status}                        String             SOLARWINDS-TRAPS:PropertyValue = ${Status}


      This is data returned within the Trap. = 0 = = 0.0 = ETXTYWC6509-04 = = ETXTYWC6509-04 = ${ObjectType} = 289 = ${PropertyName} = ${PropertyValue} = Up


      I am using the IP_Address variable in automated email alerts from the Advanced Alerting Module and they work great.  


      Anyone else run into this issue?  \