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    Add MIBs to IPMonitor 9.0.1


      On my "day job" we use Orion to watch our data infrastructure, so I'm recommending IPMonitor for one of my small business clients.  It's a Novell shop, so I'm trying to set up monitors specific to NetWare and GroupWise, but it seems the best I can do is to set up custom SNMP monitors, which is not only tedious, but since IPMonitor doesn't recognize the monitor as (for example) a disk space monitor, it doesn't add it to the dashboard under file system space, etc.

      Is it possible to compile the NetWare and GroupWise MIBs into IPMonitor?  I found this page: http://support.ipmonitor.com/mibs/NETWARE-SERVER-MIB/tree.aspx which seems to indicate that it can be done, but I can't for the life of me figure out how.  I'll admit, I haven't scoured the manual front to back, so "RTFM" would be a valid response :-)