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    Direct link to graphs not working in 9.0


      Prior to upgrading to NPM 9.0, we were able to create custom html resources that would graph a custom poller for the last 24 hours.  Now on NPM 9.0, it no longer works.  How are others doing this?  Basically, what I'm after is displaying in a graph the last 24 hours the stats for a custom poller.  Here is the code we used previously for one of them as an example:


      <img src="https://solarwinds.bps.com/NetPerfMon/Chart.asp?AccountID=BPMDashboard&Chart=CustomOIDChart&NetObject=N:155&CustomPollerID={12B42F40-1716-4343-961A-4DA4DCB2A89C}&SubsetColor=FF0000&RYSubsetColor=0&Period=Last%2024%20Hours&SampleSize=5M&Title=Extract+Queue&SubTitle1=Last 24 Hours&SubTitle2=Requests+in+Queue&ReBuild=TRUE&Width=500&FontSize=Large" />


      And yes, I have a case open with support, but I keep getting told "they are looking into it, as they ARE able to reproduce the issue".