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    Remote Poller/DB

      i am interested in placing a poller at one of my sites (in Maine) that has many WAN connections to different offices and have that data displayed from our IIS Web server in my data center(N. Carolina).  I would like to do this because the poller in N. Carolina has to poll all the remotes across a major WAN link and i think my data is a bit faulty. I setup a complete test system in Maine and the data is alot more truthful f the network health at all my remote sites.

      In short, is there a "How To" document that details how to setup a remote poller server?





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           We don't officially support remote pollers, even though some users do it.  The second poller will have to write to the database across the WAN, which tends to cause problems if there is any latency on the WAN link.

          What we recommend instead is that you install  a full Orion at the remote location and use our Enterprise Operations Console to consolidate the data from the two databases.