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    Auto refresh graphs


      I have been evaluating this product for about a week now, i am comparing it to whatsup gold premium edition. I like everything about ipmon9, its more robust and has a better snmp database.

      Just one thing is keeping me away from it, is there a way to put up a graph and have it automatically refresh the data, so every minute or so the graph will refresh with live data?

      thats one thing that i could not figure out, the only i have it refreshing is if i manually press the refresh button, which is not feasible since we will be putting this up on a big screen and just monitoring the graphs.


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          You can set refresh values by opening the "Configuration Tab">"My Settings" and look down at the "Display settings: Details view".  From here you can change the "Refresh Delay" to the number of minutes that you desire. ("1" minute is the lowest possible setting)

          I hope this information was helpful to you.

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              will that setting refresh any custom graph i have automatically? will it also spread the time?

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                  those settings you mentioned were set by default, and my report which graphs ping response time is not refreshing every minute.

                  when i press F5 to refresh the page nothing refreshes, but when i manually click on the refresh button it works.

                  any ideas?

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                      The refreshing of the page is different from the refreshing of the data.   The refreshing of the data is based on the timing interval you've specified in the monitor itself.   So, if you want the data to refresh every second, then you would set the Timing for the monitor to be every second.

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                          When I go into the Timing of the Ping monitor on the device i have the following setup:

                          Maximum Test Duration - 5 seconds

                          Delays between Tests while:

                          Up - 5 seconds

                          Warn - 5 seconds

                          Down - 5 seconds

                          Lost - 5 seconds


                          is that the timing interval you are talking about? because if it is, the data is still not refreshing when i have the report on display, I still have to manually click the refresh button on the graph.

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                              hello meh485,

                              Ah, you've gone off the dashboard. The dashboard auto refreshes, but when you're looking at a report it doesn't.

                              My advice here would be to:

                              1) Save the report you want refreshed (customize it first) into "My Reports"

                              2) Create a report publisher (Configuration tab > Scheduled Reporting Tasks) that saves the report to disk (every x minutes). You can opt to save it under a different website (IIS) or within ipMonitor's.

                              3) Go back and modify the report and add a "head" Report Fragment and add either javascript or a meta tag to refresh the page.

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                                   Ok i had the report saved under "My Reports", I created the report publisher and saved it to disk every 5 minutes (thats the shortest time that the application offers)

                                  I went to modify the report and added a header under "Report Cells" but I am not sure how to add javascript or meta tag to refresh the page (im not too familiar with that stuff)

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                                      I'm going to link this one site via google to prevent deep linking. It's got a great article for you. I think you'll like it.

                                      Good Article on Meta Refresh Tag

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                                           thanks for article, now that i know whata meta refresh tag is, how do i add it to the report?

                                          i tried adding it to the html page that gets saved every 5 minutes, but it will get overridden on every save, is there a way to do it from the web interface?

                                          i also tried using an autorefresh addon for firefox 3.0 and had it refreshing every 5 minutes and 30 seconds but it did not refresh the data in the graph.

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                                              Sure, here's the steps to take that cover all the "gotchas".
                                              1. Edit the Report's properties.
                                              2. Edit your "time selection" and make sure it looks like this:
                                                Start At = "this second"
                                                Then go backward "5 minutes"
                                                Then include "5 minutes"
                                                Everything else should be zero.
                                              3. Add a "HTML Head" Fragment and then put in the Meta Tag to refresh at your desired interval.
                                              4. Save your Report!