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    How to configure a backup server

      I am looking to add a new Orion server to an existing one server implementation for resiliency.  I would like to install this "new" server and point it to the existing database and have it become the primary poller and then install the Hot Standby process on to the existing server to allow it to take over polling from the new server, if and as required.

      Can anyone tell me how / if this is possible?  I'm under the impression you can't "demote" a primary poller but if you can, what effect does that have on your web configuration and any other configurations that are tied to this server, needing to be moved to a new server and how would you go about this?  Any advice would be much appreciated.

       Thanks in advance.


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          We don't support "downgrading" a full Orion to a Hot Standby, which means that we've never tried it ourselves.  I wouldn't do it.

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              Thanks Denny.  That answers that!  If I was to add the new server and configure it as the hot standby for the existing server instead, am I to take it that there are limitations as to the new server polling on custom pollers as defined / creasted on the existing server?  Also, if the existing server was to fail, the new server would be capable of monitoring the implementation on it's webserver but would I need to copy the web configuration (accounts / views etc) from the existing server to this new one in order for it to be transparent to the user?

               Thanks Denny 

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                   I have a similar question.  I have two pairs of servers, an SQL box and an Orion box, at two separate sites (A and B). I'd like to setup the servers on site B for Disaster Recovery purposes, and also to use the site B boxes to test patches and upgrades BEFORE introducing those on the production boxes at site A.   So how do I go about having an Orion DR server  that mirrors the production one?  What about the databases?    Seems like the "Hot Standby" thing is not exactly an answer to what I'd like to accomplish here, or is it?