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    How do I get rid of Orphaned Monitors


      How do I get rid of orphaned monitors?


      I can only see them in certain areas of the software.  For example if I create an alert and I click Add Monitors, there are several monitors that shouldnt exist anymore.  I have deleted them everywhere i can think of yet they still exist.

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          Which Version of ipMonitor are you currently using?

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            Hello JWashburn,

            Monitors can live in one of two places:

            • A Device
            • The Orphaned Objects group

            The only way a Monitor can live outside of one of the above is if a Monitor was moved to a group from a group that resides in the Orphaned Objects group.  In order move these to a Device you will need to move them back to the Orphaned Objects group and then move them to a Device.  Here's what you will need to do:

            1. Go to "Configuration" Tab
            2. Click "System Settings".
            3. Click "Global Behavior Modifiers" option.
            4. Click "Add"
            5. Enter the following values:

            Name: monitors.orphan.enable
            Value: 1

            6. Click OK.
            7. Open the settings page for the Monitor in question and click the "Move to Orphaned Objects".  You can find the Monitor by using the Search box at the top-left of the "Devices tab".
            8. Click the "Orphaned Objects" group on the left-hand pane.
            9. Click the moved Monitor in order to open its settings page and click the "Move" button.
            10. Select the Device you wish to move it to and click Continue.

            Hope this gives you what you need.