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    Orion Website SQL Database Connection

      The ORION webpage gives an error "Objects Moved" when logged onto the website. When I check the line "object can be found here" link ,the error response is the following (with some values omitted) CONNECTION=, PROVIDER=, USER ID, PASSWORD= ,PERSIST SECURITY INFO=, INTIAL CATALOG=, DATA SOURCE=, USED PROCEDURE FOR PREPARE=, AUTO TRANSLATE=,PACKET SIZE=, WORKSTATION ID=, ENCRYTION FOR DATA=, TAG WITH COLUMN COLLECTION WHEN POSSIBLE=,



       I've check permissions and went through the Configuration Wizard but no luck. I'm stumped and it's been about two weeks and lots of tech support emails and phone calls..I'm currently running Orion NPM SLX ver 8


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          mark wiggans

           Have you tried going into the SQL surface area configuration to enable the remote connections to both TCP/IP and Named Pipes and restart the server.-

          If that does not help there are some other suggestions within this KB to try.


          (paste the entire URL into a browser.. )



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              I'm using SQL 2000 with Enterprise Manager, I've looked at the Client Network Utility on the SQL server and the protocols are set to TCP/IP and Named Pipes (Enabled) 

              Looking through the KB for any useful info.


               I looked through the KB and although it wasn't "dead on" this point I began investigating the "Alias" being used, which I found although being resolved during the DataBase setup; it was not being resolved correctly through the SQL server. I setup the Configuration Wizard again and used the full severname with domain suffix. Example: (MYSERVER.WORKS.WELL.WITH.others.mil, instead of just MYSERVER) So now my website info is showing up. Although now I have to use the saved XML file of my website settings instead of the Wizard creating a new instance of the website accessing the info saved in the SQL database. 

              Any new suggestions.