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    Alert Variable DateTime Not Correct in Advanaced Alerts


      Hey Guys, we have most of our Alerts sent via email/text message to our cell phones.  Because our cell provider (Telus) is notorious for delayed and duplicate messages, I have been putting time stamps in the messages so we can better tell them apart.  I added the {DateTime} variable to the end of the message subject as a timestamp.  The info is displayed and sent out properly with the Basic Alerts (ie. 8/8/2008 08:30), but from all of my Advanced Alerts it gets sent as the Long Date format (ie. Friday, August 08, 2008 8:30 AM) - same way {LastBoot} get sent.  I restarted all Orion services, and did a complete reboot of the machine.  They have never been sent correctly from any of the Advanced Alerts (just added them a month ago).

      Any ideas?  Thanks again in advance.