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    WAN Killer issue (or Circuit Problem?)

      Hi all. I am having a problem with a point to point DS3 circuit. My file transfer rates are extremely slow. Anyway I wanted to use WAN Killer to see how much I can saturate the line. I'm able to bombard the Line with UDP (port 7 or 9)I have the bandwidth set to 44Mbps and percentage at 50%. I end up seeing 21Mbps (which is obviously what I should see). However when I switch to TCP with the same percentage of bandwidth utilization set (50%) it starts at about 2Mbps then drops over 10 seconds to zero. Is there something I am doing wrong with WAN Killer or am I seeing a problem with my DS3?

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          I think this might have to do with TCP windowing, but not sure.  I have been looking at using WAN Killer myself to do some MPLS testing and was told to use UDP and not TCP because of this windowing.  I don't know a lot about it and haven't read up on it yet.  Maybe someone else will chime in with some clear information because I would like to know before I start doing my tests.

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            I'm having a similar issue like you. Fortunately I have multiple sites so I was able to determine that the problem only occur on any of my International sites (I'm in Australia). My suggestion for you is to carry out FTP transfer test on a good site and compare the results with the bad site. That way, you have something to go back to the carrier and complain to them. I have seen mismatch duplex settings inside carrier's network that cause slowness