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    Number of Nodes by IOS


       I've just added this resource to the Home page and noticed that the number of devices for at least of the IOS releases are incorrect a number of the IOS releases are definitely showing double the number of devices with that IOS release eg 4 * 12.2(33)SXH2a is only 2 actual devices, 8 * 12.2(33)SXH1 is only actually 4 devices.

      Does this mean all the devices are showing double the number on that release of IOS?

      How can I change it so it shows the correct numbers?


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          my own IOS counts are accurate.

          i wonder if yours are not accurate because you are using a trial copy of Solarwinds?

          just a guess...


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              I wouldn't have thought that a trial version would have any impact upon something like this.

              If you are keen to research the cause before logging a case, you can run profiler on the SQL server and capture the SQL statement issued to produce this table (I'm assuming it's just a fairly straight forward count on the Nodes table). You can then execute and modify this yourself - firstly to determine if the SQL returns the same data as that presented in the table, and then by removing the count, determine which nodes are identified as having this level of IOS.

              Doing this can then help you eliminate an issue with what you think is running in your Network vs a possible Orion bug.


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                  savell -

                  is this what you mean by capture? (...and hey - that's a great tip by the way - my first time to make use of the SQL Profiler...learn something every day...)

                  of course, i'm including Vendor Icon and Machine Type, but should JONCHILL get similar results?


                  Nodes.VendorIcon AS Vendor_Icon, COUNT(Nodes.IOSVersion) AS COUNT_of_IOS_Version, Nodes.IOSVersion AS IOS_Version, Nodes.MachineType AS Machine_Type

                   GROUP BY Nodes.VendorIcon, Nodes.IOSVersion, Nodes.MachineType
                   ORDER BY 2 DESC


                  Thanks again for the SQL Profiler TIP...and good luck to you JonChill.



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                      Thanks for the info, I'm not running an eval its a full licensed copy so not quite sure why it shows the eval on the screen captures its not there when viewing normally.

                      That worked a treat the output from this matches what the website says so I'll do some further investigation, how come my 2960's only show up at Cisco and not there correct model number like the rest of the switches.