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    Event Log Monitors not always alerting


       What is the best way to configure eventlog monitors so that EVERY Warning and Error in my Application Event Log gets alerted?  No matter what I try with Timing and Notification Control, some always get missed/skipped.  I need to see an email alert for EVERY Warning on a Windows server. I have no exclusions and the default regex pattern of (.*).  Thanks for any advice!

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          I'm having the same problem, it's even worse for me.

           I set up my monitors for the event log yesterday and they only fired for a day, now they aren't firing at all anymore while i didnt change anything.

           Someone lurking here who has this working perfect?

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               Thank you for the question.

               Event log monitors can be a bit tricky when it comes to sending notifications.   The "trick" is in the "Notification Control" section of the monitor.   Each time a test is run,  ipMonitor takes note of the last log entry that it looked at in a log.   During the next test cycle  (300 seconds later, by default) ipMonitor will pick up where it left off and only scan the new content.  This is important to understand because you may not be accumulating enough matching log enteries to give cause to send an alert.  Keep reading...     In the Notification control portion of the monitor,  you can choose to combine multiple discovered event log enteries into a single alert (1alert to every 5 matches, 1 alert to every 15 matches,  or simply 1 for 1 but only for the first five matches).    Play around with this and you will likely find the solution you are looking for.   If you need additional assistance with this please submit a trouble ticket at www.solarwinds.com and one of our ipMonitor support engineers will be happy to assist you one on one.