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    NetFlow 3 Resources



      I am in the process of determining introuducing NetFlow into the mix on our Orion 8.5.1 SP3 server (soon to be 9) but have some questions first.

      Currently we have our Orion and SQL 2005 Standard installed on the same server. I read in the recommendations for NetFlow 3 that they suggest that the database gets installed on another server. This can be done but what concerns me is the other things under Warnings. It states "Due to the high speed and large memory requirements..." Has anyone analyzed how much bandwidth the NetFlow data pumps into the server and database?

      My concern is that the application server is located in one building and the database cluster is hosted in another building. What is the impact to the network when you split the application from the SQL server?  Will this work on a 100Mb link or does it need to bump to a 1Gb link?

      I assume that the Netflow data goes into the Netflow Application on the Orion server via the Netflow port and then Orion's Netflow application pumps the data into the database. How does this impact the Orion NPM and APM as far as performance?

      Any thoughts, lessons learned or other guidance would be appreciated 'cause curious minds want to know before we press.


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          Andy McBride

          Hi sotherls,

          NetFlow as a technology is very data intensive. That being said, I have not had any users mention the LAN between Orion and SQL as a bottleneck. Where you can run into problems is if your SQL server is not read/write optimized. I recommend the server have RAID 0 or RAID 10 storage.