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    Other cosmetic issues


      Now that I have V9 stable I have time to really check things out.  I have 2 items I see that I can hope can be fixed :

      1. For UnDP (former custom mib) pollers I'm getting results with decimal places in ones that shouldn't have them.  For isntance I have a UnDP poller for Active Connections on a firewall.  That number should be whole but on my graphs show XX.XXX on the X-axis...not whole numbers.  Yet in the Universal Device Poller Status view the current status is indeed a whole number and when I click on the "current status" number and the graph comes up I get whole numbers in the x-axis.  (See attached)
      2. I have several POS interfaces where in the node details page under traffic & percent utilization of each POS interface the icon is missing.  Put when I click on that POS interface and load it's interface details the icon for the POS interface shows up.