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    ipMonitor-not like it used to be

      Does anyone know of any monitoring products out there like the old ipMonitor?  IpMonitor used to be like $299.00, didnt require a seperate maintnenace  purchase, was updated frequently and I could actually call and get someone for  tech support.

      Now it's Solarwind, which I've used their products in the past and they are  good. However, with their own monitoring package it doesn't seem like ipMonitor  will ever receive the support and attention that I would like.

      They killed a great product....Anyone have any suggestions for alternative  products like the old ipMonitor? Thanks...  


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          Good day Groovepig,

          I originally started working for ipMonitor on August 23rd, 1999.  I have been supporting it ever since.  At that time we were about to release ipMonitor 6, which was sold for 699$.  The upgrade from Enterprise Monitor 5.2 to ipMonitor 6 was 199$.  As with all things, the price of the application has increased in the past 9 years and considering the massive amount of features and improvements that have been added since then, you still get more bang for your buck than the competitive network monitoring software available.

          As far as support goes, I would say that it has improved since then:

          -We still respond to emails within 24 hours
          -We now offer toll-free phone support (1.866.530.8040)
          -We now cover more than just the Eastern timezone.  We are essentially open from 9am Greenwich Time to 7pm Central Time.

          Having all that said, can you provide further detail on what was killed within the product that you were using?  As far as I know, all of the original Monitors that were in the software 10 years ago are still in the product...

          Thanks you in advance.

          Chris Foley
          SolarWinds Support Representative