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    UnDP not available in some web resources

      I have defined an UnDP for a UPS which is reading upsOutputPower ( from the UPS-MIB.  I've also defined a Transform called KVA which is defined as OutputPower/1000.

      When I attempt to display the values in a Summary web page, if I use Universal Device Poller Top XX, KVM is available in the list of Custom Pollers and it displays one line for each leg of the UPS with its value.

      If I use Universal Device Poller Summary Chart, or Universal Device Poller Summary MIN/MAX Average Chart, KVM does not show up in the list, nor does upsOutputPower.  upsEstimatedChargeRemaining does show up, and it had been defined under v.8 as a custom poller.

      Any ideas?  I'm trying to display power over time.