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    UDP Status Colours


       We've created some F5 tables with UDP and Enumeration maps. Some of the states are Green, Red, Blue etc, is there any way to set the colour of the enumeration map so you can easily see the status colour ?

      If it's not possible now is it coming in a future release ?


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           I'm not sure I follow the question.  What do you see exactly and what do you want to see?  Do you have a screenshot or something?

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              Hi Denny, sorry for the confusion, it's not easy to explain. See attached screenshot, I've highlighted the status column showing the status returned from the F5.

              For each status the F5 might return the value of 1 for Green or Up, 2 for Red or down etc.. it would be good it was possible to change the colour of the table entries to the colour of the status returned by the UDP poll. In the enumeration field we map the value of 1 to Green and the value of 2 to Red therefore it would be good to also change the colour of the text displayed, rather than the default black.

              I'm guessing it can't be done today but would be a really good feature as there are lots of polls and status numbers you get from devices which really mean if something is up/down or not running correctly. A visual indication such as a changed colour from Green to Red highlights problem areas really quickly when looking at a large table.