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    anyone seen this when trying to create new Views?


      i have noticed when i am working on or creating a totally new View for Orion (w/Manage View) and adding this item or removing that item or testing a Filter .etc using PREVIEW, these changes get propagated in near real-time to the user's Orion Web Interface and allows the user to see all of this activity each time their Internet Explorer gets the 5 minute refresh. This goes on long before i click DONE.

      is there any way to prevent this development work from showing up? i'd like to get new Views finished before the user sees it. but like it is, the user gets these changes passed to the browser while it's being developed.



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          As you have noticed, all the "Done" button really does is take you back to the list of views.

          I can't think of any good solution to this. Your best bet might be to just copy the view you want to edit, make all your changes, and then update pointers from the old view to the new one (in account settings, views-by-device-type, etc.). Awkward, I know. Alternatively, you could make a copy, make your edits to the copy, then use a couple of database queries to transfer the configuration from the copy to the original.

          If the original view is #13 and the copy is #42, these queries would make the switch:

          DELETE FROM Resources WHERE ViewID=13

          UPDATE Resources SET ViewID=13 WHERE ViewID=42