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    Unable to start SNMP TRAP Service


      NEWB at installing Orion - I have more experience with HPOV...

       Windows Server 2003 X64

      Orion Version 9

      In my services window - I see two entries for "SNMP Trap" service... One looks like it belongs to Orion - the other - the generic windows service... I am unable to start either... I have uninstalled and re-installed the windows service several times... No complaints on the install... When I try to start it - I get "ERROR  2 The system can not find the specified file"

      Again - I re-installed the windows service numerous times - no change - error #2...

      I see the executable for it in the Windows directory...

      I also checked the services file in the etc directory - to check for conflicts...

      Help !!!

      : )