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    Netflow on SubInterface

       We have a few interfaces where there is a physical interface but the IP address is assigned to a subinterface.  I apply the command "ip route-cache flow" to the physical interface as it will not allow me to configure this on the subinterface.    I cannot get NetFlow to work on these interfaces.   Any ideas??   Thanks

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          In my configuration, ip route-cache flow is enabled on the interface and flows are automatically seen from the sub-interfaces.  Are they showing up at all under "Netflow Sources" when you click edit?  Does it look like it is exporting if you type "show ip flow export" on your device?  What commands did you use on the router?

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             In our config, I put the "ip flow ingress" command on the physical interface and Orion didn't see any flows from the subinterfaces.  I removed the "ip flow ingress" command from the physical interface and added it to the config of the subinterfaces.  With the command on the subinterfaces, we Orion started seeing the NetFlow data.  The other thing to check is to make sure you are monitoring the subinterfaces in Orion.  If the subinterfaces aren't selected as resources on the node, you won't be able to add them to NetFlow.

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