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    NetFlow collection intervals


      How do I check or adjust the collection interval for NetFlow? Does it use the NPM statistics setting? Mine's set to 10 minutes for interfaces but seems to be graphed at 15 minute intervals.

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          Andy McBride

          Hi bdurrant,

          NTA works as all NetFlow collectors, passive listners only. They accept flows whenever the exporter device (router, switch) sends it. We accept flows constantly and timestamp them to the nearest minute in NTA. You may be able to adjust export intervals on the exporter. The intervals you are seeing on NTA views reflect the time interval used for that graph. If you view a 15 minute graph it will have 1 minute intervals. A 2 hour graph, or longer, will have 15 minute intervals. Grahps over several days will have daily data points. You can viev 1 minute data for as long as you keep non-compressed data. Be careful extending the non-compressed data window as you could end up with huge tables and those take some time to load and search through.