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    Maps Restriction

      Hello all,

      The problem I am having is a certain group of people being able to view maps they should not be able to see.  Here is a brief overview/layout of what I am talking about.

      1.) United States View (All the States are shown with a green node they can click on) - States have more than one office location with many devices each.

      2.) Clicking on a state will give all of the cities in which we have offices in.

      3.) Clicking on a city/office gives you an image of a visio with the layout of the lan. Full with devices, IPs, and what interfaces they are all plugged into. All the routers/switches have the monitored node icon on them.

      My problem is this, user 1 belongs to a company we purchased and user 2 the same but a different company. They both have offices in the same state, so they both need to view the state. (I need to view both companies which is why they are both in there) I want them to be restricted at a map view level not just a specific node level view as the information on those sites are not for their eyes.  They can click on the office and get the lay of the land but are restricted when they click on a node.

       Let me know if I did a horrible job of explaining that.

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          If I understand you correctly, your city/office maps have a Visio of the LAN as the background image for the map.  That background image has the information you don't want to be seen by the wrong user.  If that is the case, the only way I would know how to solve the problem would be to create two additional maps, one for each company and create a new Menu Bar for each company that only loads the appropriate map for that company.  You would assign the users to the Menu Bar for their company in their user account settings. 

          That's probably not the answer you were looking for, since it sounds like you have some pretty detailed maps.  There might be a better way to do this, but that's the only way I can think of off the top of my head. 


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              Actually, this scenario should be an excellent candidate for the use of account limitations in Orion. If you configure each user account with a node group limitation, the map will reflect that limitation in one of two ways. You can set the map to look the same for each user, but a given user will not have drill down access to nodes that the acct limitation restricts. You may also set the map to physiucally remove node icons that the user does not have access to.

              Are you familiar with the process of setting up an account limitation?

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                  To kweise - You understood it perfectly and thank you for the reply. That is what I was affraid of what had to be done. Just a big task initially.

                  To borgan - I am familiar with the process of setting up account limitations for indvidual routers/switches/etc. but not for whole maps.  I would ideally love to be able to do account restrictions for a whole map in the same manner as an individual node or group of nodes. I have looked and not quite sure how that is possible. Just to make sure you were clear on what I was asking for is that I need the point of restriction to hit when they click on a map. In this case a state or a city from a specific state.  I have them restricted on the nodes so they can not drill down on detail for those.

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                      Well, you could use the custom properties of city, state, etc to construct custom account limitations so that a user could only see and/or drill down to modes that are part of that group on a map. Am I getting closer? Or, are you saying that you don't even want the map to display if the user has no nodes of interest on that map?