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    Map Maker - Link interfaces


      This is probably a dumb question....

      In Orion's map maker, when you are connecting 2 nodes together and want to show an interface-to-interface linkage is it possible to select interface X from node 1 to interface Y on node 2?

      All I can seem to do is select a primary interface on one or the other node. I have tried to use the CTRL, shift or ALT key to see if I can select a matched pair but it doesn't work.

      I am not sure if I "missed" something or imagined that it can do this.

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          Nope, you can only select one interface to represent a link. It's on our radar to fix this - you are not the first person to notice this limitation.

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            This is a good point.  Even 3Com's Network Supervisor does this.  While you guys are looking into making this work (on the radar referance)  Could you also build in the ability to effectively monitor high throughput virtual links?  Like the one's going to the SAN.  With everything going virtual these days people need the ability to monitor aggrigated high throughput virtual links.

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              Interesting.  I didn't know this was possible.  For my node-to-node links, I've always just dropped the interfaces on the map as small dots, then linked the interfaces.  I'm not sure I'm seeing anything that convinces me to change how I do this.

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                It's a little more work but here is what we did. We imported a line from visio and named it "blank dot". When we want to connect two devices we connect the links to the "blank dot" object instead of connecting them directly to each other. If you get really good you can resize the "blank dot" object so small that  you can't even see it. Then we just copy and paste the three objects (two lines and the "blank dot") for the rest of the nodes on the map.